Our Approach


The Beacon team believes that public policy research is a critical element of investment analysis in order to mitigate the risks – and to seize the opportunities – associated with legislative, regulatory, political, and geopolitical events.

To appreciate the full range of implications and outcomes of any issue, we examine policymaking in a holistic manner, taking into account not only the technical substance, but also the power dynamics of the legislative and administrative processes, as well as the individual personalities and political motivations involved.

To that end, Beacon authors all of its policy research in a collaborative and multidisciplinary manner, with all team members contributing and available to respond to client inquiries.

We conduct all of our research in strict adherence to the Beacon Policy Advisors LLC Compliance Policy which has been developed and is regularly reviewed in close coordination with our external regulatory counsel to ensure that we neither receive nor disseminate material, non-public information.